Now this is The Good Stuff. Keeping the Scandinavian rock flame burning, carrying the torch from the Hellacopters and Turbonegro, one of the best new HARD ROCK bands in the world right now, from the woods of Gothenburg, Sweden: Graveyard. And by hard rock, I of course mean they have roots that trace right back to the darker side of the Delta blues, that took a long soak in the dirty denim boogie of a 70’s Sabbath-Led Zep-Deep Purple acid bath and then arrived, finally, fully-formed at Now with their own super-charged metal edge. It feels fantastically familiar, but this is not nostalgia, it’s a continuation. I like where it came from, where it’s at, and to find out where it’s going, join me evening time on Day Two.

Also, a (moving) picture’s worth a thousand words (of my nonsense), so just watch this, this and this.

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