The Rules

NO DICKHEADS – that includes no stage diving, crowd surfing, moshing or aggressive behaviour. Leave your dickhead mates at home to look after your pets.

NO FIRES. TOTAL FIRE BAN Day and Night. Please leave all gas bottles, gas kegs, lanterns, cookers, BBQs, generators, fireworks, lasers and other things that go boom at home.

NO GLASS. When you’re not here, this place is home to around 17,000 sheep. Only the masochistic flock that hangs out around Bluegums enjoys standing on and eating glass. Bring non-glass (preferably re-usable) containers instead for all food and alcohol. Confiscated glass can no longer be returned and will probably find its way to Aunty’s pantry.

Gates open 8am Saturday. As the saying goes around these parts, the early bird doesn’t catch the worm, but worms. Don’t arrive any earlier, only bad things can happen. That, and there’s roadblocks in place. Gates close 1pm Monday. You can’t stay the night, gotta go home. Nothing lasts forever.

DON’T TRESPASS OR ASSIST ANYONE TO TRESPASS. According to the latest study out of Ballarat Uni, trespassers are four times more likely to be unlucky in love and seven times more likely to stub a toe than non-trespassers. You’ll also be ejected from the festival site and charged. Please don’t cross festival boundaries including out of bounds areas at any time, even for love.

Even if you are 55 and look 66, BRING PHOTO ID.


NO RESERVING CAMPSITES. If you want to camp together, travel in convoy. If your friends are too lazy to turn up when you do, just make new ones when you arrive.

Sensible shoes are a must. Thongs and sandals don’t count as sensible.

Swimming is often fun. Swimming in dams full of sheep shit, algae and leeches the size of tennis balls is not. NO SWIMMING IN THE DAMS, or anywhere else ever.

If you’re into making elevated things, leave ’em in the campgrounds. No elevated/raised couches, chairs, platforms, etc. in the Amphitheatre. Gazebos, marquees, shoulder rides and anything else that blocks views will also bring you misfortune and irate glares.

Combining pets and music rarely ends well, unless you’re George Clinton. Leave all dogs and other animals at home.

Beanbags are useful for tricking people into believing their workplace is “fun”. They’re not for places where real fun happens, like a farm. Sheep aren’t into polystyrene either.

No kegs in the Amphitheatre. If you’ve got a thing for kegs you can have them in the campgrounds so long as they don’t use gas.

Understand and follow Banned Items and Terms and Conditions.

If your idea of a good time doesn’t involve living out a TAC ad, designate a driver. If it does, see the NO DICKHEADS rule above. ARRIVE AND LEAVE WELL UNDER .05 or you may face heavy penalties and/or loss of license. Use Vanessa, she loves your musty breath.

Keep all internal roads clear for emergency vehicles. And by clear we don’t mean kinda clear, or mostly clear. If your vehicle doesn’t fit, park it elsewhere.

Trees can, like us, break. Take care when camping under them and definitely don’t climb or hang anything from ’em.

Drive reeeeaaaallllll slow. Walking place, or even crawling pace. Think how slow you’d want a car to be going if it hit you. Drive at that pace. Be careful using the car stereo once parked too. Bad things can happen when ignitions are turned on and cars are in gear.


Cigarette butts. Butt ’em out, put ’em in the bin. It’s real easy.

Although your taste in music is undeniably immaculate, sometimes the people around you might want to just relax, or sleep. No loud or offensive tunes at any time in the campgrounds. No offensive signage, slogans, clothing, costumes please.

Keep your campsite clean by taking part in the recycling program. Meredith town and the surrounding areas don’t want your waste strewn about either.

If you have a chronic condition or illness (eg. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy), please carry information regarding your condition and emergency contact number on you at all times.

Your ticket is a wristband, the wristband is your ticket. It gets you in, around and out of the festival. You must keep it on at all times at the festival.

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