This year tickets are once again in the form of wristbands. The ticket is a wristband, the wristband is a ticket. When you purchase a “ticket” you actually receive a wristband. Your wristband is your passport in, around and out of the festival.

Each wristband has a unique code on it, and each person’s wristband will be electronically scanned on entry to ensure it is valid. Once you are in the festival, you need to keep your wristband on for the duration of the event. The wristband is made of a durable yet soft, waterproof material that won’t irritate.

When you receive your wristband, do not put it on until the day of the festival. When that day does arrive, our suggestion is to put it on before you depart for the festival, so you know it’s on your wrist and you definitely packed it! Don’t leave home without it (on your wrist).

To avoid your wristband being too tight, place your pointer finger between your wrist and your wristband and allow some slack when sticking it.

No sponsorship or advertising messages will be printed on the wristbands; we are very mindful of the wristband being on your person for a day or three.

The benefits of the wristband include:

• Speeding up the entry process at the festival gates
• Cancelling stolen or scalped tickets
• Keeping the number of people at the festival as low as it should be, by visually identifying anyone at the festival who does not have a legitimate ticket (wristband) and politely handing them over to the Police with a view to them being charged on summons with Trespass, facing fines of up to $2750. All wristbands will be checked for proper application by staff.

If you need a passout during the festival make sure you get your wristband scanned out at Reception before you exit.

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