The Supernatural Amphitheatre is about 110 minutes drive from Melbourne International and Domestic Airport (Tullamarine) in average traffic.

Avalon Airport is much closer, located just East of Geelong. Avalon has very few international flights, but the domestic airline Jetstar has several flights from many Australian destinations around festival time.

On the Saturday of the festival you can expect heavier traffic with some delays – here is a guide to travel times to the festival site on Saturday:

Melbourne CBD to festival – 3 hours
Melbourne airport to festival – 3 hours
Avalon airport to festival – 2 hours

There is an airport closeby to Meredith at Lethbridge, which can be used for charter flights and private planes only. Details are:

Lethbridge Airport
3429 Midland Hwy, Lethbridge VIC 3332
Phone: 0429 354 717

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