Please Look After Yourself and Others


Here at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, we want you to have the best possible time. The time of your life. The right time. We also want your friends and the people around you to have a great time too. This can of course absolutely be achieved without the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs. So…don’t stuff up your weekend or that of your friends by being reckless, eh? Please be aware that although the festival may feel like a sovereign dominion (her own country), the usual laws apply within the festival boundaries as they do outside them. Perhaps more importantly, the laws of the human body are likewise no different here than anywhere else. If you are intending to take drugs or drink alcohol, please do take these things into consideration:

• Rest and rehydrate. The festival goes for three days – pace yourself if you want to enjoy it all. Take regular drinks of water.
• Mixing alcohol and drugs greatly increases the possibility of overdose or accidents, as does mixing two or more drugs, even if taken hours apart.
• Do not use drugs on your own. If you are feeling unwell – tell someone.
• If you or someone near you is feeling unwell, immediately alert our staff, or a Helper Hut, or security, or the First Aid team (located opposite the Info Centre – to the far right of stage). Please also be aware that if you or a friend has taken drugs and is in need of medical attention, the First Aid team are not obliged to involve the police. So do not be afraid to go to First Aid. The First Aid team is not here to judge you, they are here to help you – be honest with them.

We are asking you to help – if you see someone who is obviously unwell – please alert us immediately. We have a team of dedicated Helpers roaming the festival keeping an eye out as well.


• Feeling hot, cold or just unwell
• Fainting / collapse
• Stomach cramps
• Severe headaches
• Becoming confused or irrational
• Having trouble breathing
• Falling asleep / losing consciousness
• Convulsions / having a fit

If you or someone near you is experiencing these symptoms, get them to First Aid or alert festival staff ASAP. We recommend you have a good look at the map on this website, familiarise yourself with the location of First Aid, and mark your tent location. There are some poles in the campground that have the map reference points on them.

If you have a chronic condition or illness (eg. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy), please carry information regarding your condition and emergency contact number on you at all times. If you have asthma and/or allergies please come prepared with your medication and present to First Aid early if you are concerned or experiencing difficulty. Finally, if you have a viral or bacterial illness please stay at home, to keep from infecting others.

Support Ambulance Victoria and become a member – a ride as a member is much cheaper than a taxi.

If a campsite is playing loud music near you feel free to quietly let your local Helper Hut know in person or call/text them 0430 091 120.

Click here for more Festival Safety information.

Thanks, it’s much appreciated.


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